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Gotthold Eisenstein

Berlin 1823 -
Berlin 1852

Gotthold Eisenstein (specifically Ferdinand Gotthold Max Eisenstein) was born on April 16, 1823, in Berlin. Shortly after beginning his studies in mathematics at the university in Berlin, the founder and editor of the "Journal für die reine angewandte Mathematik" ("Journal for Pure Applied Mathematics") August Crelle discovered the mathematical genius of Eisenstein and introduced him to Alexander von Humboldt, who became his patron.
Humboldt, who procured financial support for him, then sent Gotthold Eisenstein to Carl Friedrich Gauß in Göttingen in 1844. Gauß was also full of praise for the work of this young mathematician. The recognition by Gauß brought him an international reputation. This is how, during his third semester of university, he was presented with an honorary doctorate by the University of Breslau.
In 1847, Gotthold Eisenstein did his post-doctoral work in Berlin and began to hold lectures there. On the recommendation of Gauß, he was inducted into the Göttingen Academy in 1851 and was inducted into to the Berlin Academy in 1852 on the recommendation of the mathematician Peter Gustav Lejeune Dirichlet.
Gotthold Eisenstein died that same year on October 11 in Berlin from tuberculosis. Eisenstein's work is known today by the terms named for him, the Eisenstein integers, the Eisenstein series, and the Eisenstein function.

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